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Launch of Red Lamp Black Piano



Coming up close now to the launch of the anthology of writers and poets who have appeared at the Cáca Milis Cabaret, it’s an honour to be able to present their work in the book – thanks to Pat McCabe for a wild and wonderful introduction, and many thanks to the contributors, not only for coming along and performing at the events, but for giving their work for the book.  Contributors are, in alpha order by first name:

Annie Bell-Davies, fiction (Wales) –  “Danse Macabre”

Anthony Jones, poetry (Wales) – “Birthday Poem”

Billy Roche, fiction (Wexford) – “The Day Off”

Clare Scott, poetry (Wales) – “Community Matters”

Chris Ozzard, Poetry (Wales) –  “In the centre”

Dermot Bolger, poetry (Dublin) – “While we Sleep”

Dominic Williams, poetry (Wales) – “Mary”

Drucilla Wall, poetry (United States) – “Lifeguard”

Eamonn Wall, poetry (Wexford) – “A Derelict Site in an Imaginary Town”

Emer Martin, fiction (Dublin) – “I Sing Of Beauteous Dublin Town”

Eoin Colfer, fiction (Wexford) – “The Seal’s Fate”

Helena Mulkerns, fiction (Dublin) – “Mare Rubrum”

Jackie Hayden, humour (Wexford) – “The Wex Factor”

Jim Maguire, poetry (Wexford) – “Only Us”

Kate Dempsey, poetry (Dublin) – “The Full Experience”

Kevin Connelly, poetry (Wexford) “Autumn, in a time of Climate Change”

Margaret Breen, poetry (Wexford) – “Finders – Keepers”

Maeve O’Sullivan, poetry (Dublin) – “Loose Haiku”

Margaret Hawkins, social history (Wexford) excerpt from “Restless Spirit”

Niall Wall, poetry (Wexford) “Love and Loss”

Oran Ryan, sci-fi (Dublin) “Christmas 1947”

Patrick Chapman, poetry (Dublin) “The Knife”

Patrick Kehoe, poetry (Wexford)  “Crepuscular”

Paul Harris, poetry (Wales) “Recycled”

Paul O’Reilly, fiction (Wexford) “Wobble”

Paul Tylak, fiction (Dublin) “The Jump”

Peter Murphy, essay (Wexford) “Sounds of the River – A lost Anthology”

Philip Casey (Dublin) “Hamburg Woman’s Song”

Ross Hattaway, satire (New Zealand) “Leadership”

Sarah Maria Griffin, poetry (U.S.) “You Asked Me if The Cold Weather Reminded me of Home”

Simone Mansell-Broome, poetry (Wales) “No rain in the desert”

Stephen James Smith, poetry (Dublin) “The Gardener”

Susan Lanigan, fiction (Dublin) “The Loan”

Suzanne Power, poetry (Wexford) “Watermarks”

Tom Mooney, poetry (Wexford) “Lines Inspired By Flamingo Sketches”

Waylon Gary White Deer, fiction (United States) “Revolutionaries”

Westley Barnes, poetry (Wexford) “A Neurotic Girl”


Thanks to Alan Mahon, Arek Wnuk and Patrick Hogan for the cover photographs

and please join us for the launch in Dublin, Wed 4 December at 7pmat The Writers’ Centre, 19 Parnell Square, or

Fri, 6 December at 6pm in The Wexford Arts Centre