Two Reviews Reviewed in the Irish Arts Review!

irish-arts-cover-insertYes, it sounds like a mouthful, but it was a pleasure to actually do this. That is, write a review of two literary reviews, in an Irish art world review:  the sumptuous and ever interesting Irish Arts Review.

The reviews in question were the Spring/Summer editions of The Dublin Review and Irish Pages, which, if you haven’t caught up with yet, you should. Both the Irish Pages editions are dedicated to Seamus Heaney, and feature an astounding seventy-something contributors: crucial for all Heaney fans.

Issues 62 and 63 of The Dublin Review feature writers as diverse as Rob Doyle, Eimear Ryan and Ian Sansom.  A great double read for any short fiction or essay fans.

But either way – also pick up Irish Arts Review’s Autumn edition, with its eye-catching cover depicting Maser’s important and much maligned mural. Packed full of art!


Mare Rubrum: read a free Kindle version this weekend

This weekend you can read one of the stories from my debut collection Ferenji in a free Kindle download from Doire Press.  “Mare Rubrum” tells of a encounter in a post-conflict ghost town on the Red Sea, between two strangers who meet by chance on a beach. The day blazes with an unexpected union, and dusk brings a magic that only the ancient town can lend, but like the country they are both about to leave, with darkness come truths that are better left unsaid.

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