Vintage Tourist Board promo, 1966!

Following an excellent launch on Saturday, 5 November to “Focus On Jim Mulkerns” – November’s Archive at Lunchtime programme at The Irish Film Institute this month, here’s  a novelty preview of one of the films on offer. This excerpt is from Ireland Invites You,  a 14 min promotional film made in 1966, commissioned by the Irish Tourist Board. They were keen to promote the attractions of the Ireland of the day, including golf courses and Bunratty Castle. Note, in this Dublin snippet, the lack of women in the pub. On the other hand, they are allowed grace the “well appointed, sophisticated” cocktail lounge! This tourist board short contrasts sharply with the film, Dublin Capital City 1974-75 made by Brendan Halligan and Jim Mulkerns some years later, which showed the reality of certain areas of Dublin’s capital.  Family and friends will recognise those enjoying cocktails in the lounge scene at .30 secs! Loving the music …

Dublin Nightlife 1966 from Cyberscribe on Vimeo.


Irish Film Institute launch: “Dublin Capital City 1974-75

A special screening will be held today for the launch of “Dublin Capital City 1974-75′ at the Irish Film Institute, 12:45pm – with an introduction by Brendan Halligan. Please scroll down to read full press release, or click here.


A new version of Capital City Dublin 1974-75, a film by Brendan Halligan and Jim Mulkerns, will be launched on 5 November next, and screened weekly as part of the Irish Film Institute’s “Focus on Jim Mulkerns” Archive at Lunchtime showings this November, 2016.   (more…)

Ferenji – Dublin launch photos

Thank you so much for all those who came to the launch of “Ferenji” at The Irish Writers’ Centre on Thursday last, it was a wonderful evening, and it was great to see so many old and new friends, fellow scribes and family members. Thanks to Michael O’Loughlin, who gave a really incisive introduction, to John Walsh and Lisa Frank of Doire Press for publishing this themed collection of short fiction, and for organising the event, and to the team at The Irish Writers’ Centre for making the event run smoothly.  Here are some photos:


Mare Rubrum: read a free Kindle version this weekend

This weekend you can read one of the stories from my debut collection Ferenji in a free Kindle download from Doire Press.  “Mare Rubrum” tells of a encounter in a post-conflict ghost town on the Red Sea, between two strangers who meet by chance on a beach. The day blazes with an unexpected union, and dusk brings a magic that only the ancient town can lend, but like the country they are both about to leave, with darkness come truths that are better left unsaid.

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For more about this title, and about the publisher, Doire Press – or to pre-order your copy – click here:

Two Reviews Reviewed in the Irish Arts Review!

irish-arts-cover-insertYes, it sounds like a mouthful, but it was a pleasure to actually do this. That is, write a review of two literary reviews, in an Irish art world review:  the sumptuous and ever interesting Irish Arts Review.

The reviews in question were the Spring/Summer editions of The Dublin Review and Irish Pages, which, if you haven’t caught up with yet, you should. Both the Irish Pages editions are dedicated to Seamus Heaney, and feature an astounding seventy-something contributors: crucial for all Heaney fans.

Issues 62 and 63 of The Dublin Review feature writers as diverse as Rob Doyle, Eimear Ryan and Ian Sansom.  A great double read for any short fiction or essay fans.

But either way – also pick up Irish Arts Review’s Autumn edition, with its eye-catching cover depicting Maser’s important and much maligned mural. Packed full of art!