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shelf-logo-compositeCyberscribe provides book design and independent publishing advice for authors, poets or academics. The name is a blend of the words “cyber” – online technology, and “scribe” for writer. Many writers would like to bring out new editions of their books to ensure that they are always available and receive all royalties directly themselves.

The proliferation of online independent publishing has provided new opportunities for established writers whose back-catalogue may not yet be digitised.  Books can be brought out in new, elegant paperback editions, as well as in eBook format using the new technology.

Cyberscribe facilitates writers, poets, academics and more in making their titles available again online, both in e-book format, and in traditional print format, using this ‘new publishing’ technology.

Book scanning, editing, proofing and re-design, e-book conversions and assistance with the setting up of the author’s own online sales accounts is all part of our work. The author pays Cyberscribe for these services and all sales royalties go directly to the author.

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