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Dublin Nightlife 1966!

Here’s a sneak preview from on of the films on the programme at The Irish Film Institute this month, as part of their “Focus On Jim Mulkerns” archive at lunchtime programme.  This excerpt is from Ireland Invites You,  a 14 min promotional film made in 1966, commissioned by the Irish Tourist Board. They were keen to promote the attractions of the Ireland of the day, including golf courses and Bunratty Castle. Note, in this Dublin snippet, the lack of women in the pub. On the other hand, they are allowed grace the “well appointed, sophisticated” cocktail lounge! This tourist board short contrasts sharply with the film, Dublin Capital City 1974-75 made by Brendan Halligan and Jim Mulkerns, which showed the reality of certain areas of Dublin’s capital just some years later.

Dublin Nightlife 1966 from Cyberscribe on Vimeo.