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Helena Mulkerns


– stories from the field

second edition out now

Ferenji stories from the field  by Helena Mulkerns, originally published by Doire Press, an award-winning publishing house in Galway, is now available with international distribution in a second edition. The title, which was shortlisted for the Irish Book Awards, is a themed short fiction collection about civilians in conflict and post-conflict zones.

From ancient Arabic, the term Ferenji  means ‘foreigners’ and exists today in countries from Ethiopia to Vietnam. Ferenji depicts life in the field with pathos, dark field humour and satire, lending a passionate civilian voice to the new genre of contemporary post-conflict literature.

Pic: Conor Horgan


Helena Mulkerns

HELENA MULKERNS’ debut short story was short-listed for the Hennessy New Irish Writing Award. Over two dozen of her stories have since been internationally anthologised, including one that was short-listed for the Pushcart Prize and another for the Francis MacManus Short Story Award. She originally worked as a music journalist with Hot Press Magazine and went on to write for The Irish Times, The Irish Echo, Publisher’s Weekly and the The New York Times, among others. She worked as a civilian peacekeeper in Central America, Africa and Afghanistan and has edited two literary anthologies: Turbulence (Tara Press, 2013) and Red Lamp Black Piano (Tara Press, 2013). ‘Dogs’, a story from her debut collection, was shortlisted for the Irish Book Awards.


TURBULENCE – Corrib Voices

Edited by Helena Mulkerns: a Galway anthology of poetry, prose and short stories, with an introduction by Mike McCormack.


A glorious collection of authors, poets and performers who have performed at the Cáca Milis Cabaret, with introduction by Patrick McCabe

FERENJI – stories from the field

A themed short fiction collection about civilians in conflict and post-conflict zones, located from Africa to Asia.  

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